We Empower the Gaming Scene

Swarmio Technologies help millions of gamers around the world experience a seamless gaming experience through systematic empowerment of the ecosystem.

How we empower!

Swarmio offers two main solutions to the market. One that enables seamless transactions and another that enables connectivity among all!

Swarmio Play

Telecom operators, enterprises and video gaming communities use Swarmio’s technology solutions.

Swarmio Store

Our integrated in-game items and digital goods marketplace that facilitates point redemption and monetization

Swarmio Pay

A new proprietary solution to allow users a variety of ways to pay for digital goods in-store.

Swarmio Edge

Our patented, low latency edge computing solution ensures that you can get in the game faster, and get the edge you need playing online

Play, Win, Earn with Hive

The gaming hub where like-minded gamers
unite to play, win, earn and
spend together.

Matrix enables Telecom to monetize the Edge.

Swarmio Matrix is a latency-optimized edge computing (LEC) platform for telecom operators that powers the next generation application delivery.

Our Partners

We work with a number of key global partners to bring our solutions to gamers the world over!

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