Swarmio Hive is the core powering Swarmio Play.

Swarmio Hive is a robust set of software powered by a variety of cutting edge technologies and built in a microservice architecture. Hive is the core powering the Swarmio Play platform, giving users the ability to create & manage their account, participate in events to receive prizes, purchase points via Swarmio Pay to redeem items using Swarmio Store, and much more!

& Back-End

The frontend application for Hive is written in React & Typescript, we use Sass for styling and use the Bootstrap framework for layout. Apollo Client is used for interacting with our GraphQL API, among many other frameworks and utilities.

Hive’s backend is comprised of multiple microservices, each responsible for their own specific functionality. Our microservices are built on the open source Play Framework and written in Scala, using MongoDB as the primary database layer and MariaDB as a supporting layer.

Elastic Edge: Gateway to the future

Swarmio Matrix platform enables the telecom operators to become the gateway to the future of application delivery. With Swarmio Matrix, Telcos can deliver an elastic edge cloud service that can deploy and manage any application on any infrastructure such as the telco MEC, Data Center, telco Edge, bare metal and the webscaler’s public cloud infrastructure (i.e. AWS, Azure, Google. Alibaba, Tencent, and IBM).

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