A look back and a vision forward

The idea of Swarmio started in a small office in Ontario, Canada years ago, where a handful of network infrastructure pros set out to solve the problem of latency.

Fast forward to today, we’ve worked with countless gaming communities to help automate the way tournaments are run and provide our latency optimized servers to improve end-user experiences. Our leadership team has taken stock of our unique position and has made several strategic decisions to focus our efforts on solving the core problem of latency that we set out to solve years ago. Through this process, we’ve clarified a few things:

  1. The gaming community is awesome — gamers are tight-knit, resilient and expects only the best. Nobody is afraid to share their opinions which has given us an invaluable source of feedback to build things for the better.
  2. From influencers to tournament organizers, we all have a part to play to advance the esports ecosystem. Through focusing on a common goal and better defining our niche, we can grow the industry and improve services for gamers.
  3. Our role in this continuous improvement is to continue to follow our vision and spearhead this initiative.


We are uniquely positioned to work with large organizations in gaming and esports, as well as telecommunications providers or “telcos”, to create an entirely new Latency Optimized Edge Computing solution. This will deliver the ultimate gaming experience through maximizing efficiencies.

We’ll still be playing an active role within the gaming community, but focused more on innovating behind the scenes to help telcos and our other partners deliver a new level of service to gamers.

We’ll be working tirelessly to eliminate all those frustrating moments where you dodged a spell on your screen but still got hit. Or where you turned a corner but the bullet still followed you through. This is the future that Swarmio will deliver.

We’d love for you to continue following our journey as we achieve our goal of building the future of connectivity and community in gaming.

Aseef Khan

VP, Gaming & Esports

Swarmio Media

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